Our Cause

Why Wings?

Since 2011, our founder has been hosting an annual fundraiser featuring his homemade, smoked and dry-rubbed wings. In 2017, he heard a friend boasting about having the best chicken in town. They decided to settle the matter with a friendly competition on our founder's patio, with a few friends acting as judges. The guests would vote for their favorite wings by contributing money, and the winner got to choose the benefactor of the vote money.

The response was overwhelming, and our founder was thrilled with the votes received that autumn evening.

However, something even more remarkable happened—

The event ended up providing clean water for 40 people for their entire lives.

Over the next 6 years, Wings 4 Water grew into a metro-wide event.

To date, we estimate that over 8,000 people now have access to purified water, thanks to the great W4W community.

Located in the Kansas City suburb of Lee's Summit,

a vibrant community of around 100,000 residents,

our city consistently ranks among the top 50 in

CNN/Money and Money Magazine's "100 Best Cities to Live in the United States."

There's no mystery as to why—
Because Lee's Summit is community.

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